Grabbing opportunities

When you open the door, so much weight lifts quickly off your shoulders and both your mind and body relax. The cold wind outdoors and the warmth of indoors. It is precisely this gap that may be the real pleasure of the dead of winter.

Take off your coat, take a breath and now it's time for you to be alone. Something takes shape beyond the steam. The cup in your hand reminds you of something.Memories reeled in by music.

All your thoughts swirl, change and spread in the cosmos of the unconscious and you become aware of your inner self.This time in which you allow your mind to drift is becomes a stockpile for the spring.


Special Edition 2019 Winter

A life with
no unexpected

The unexpected flavor that comes from
astringency affects the taste of coffee. Proprietor of
a coffee shop, Mr. Kadowaki pursues pure
deliciousness without any unexpected flavors
every day. The sight of him going through the trial
and error process of ways of brewing coffee is like
watching a researcher at work. We duly get to the
bottom of Mr. Kadowaki's straight thinking about coffee without bitterness.

Chance Encounters

One rest beat stored
in your mind.

Winter is the season in which we tend to
overindulge; it is a time to work on meals that take
care of our bodies in Chinese cosmology and to
give our minds a break, too. In winter, the OVE staff
also look back over the seasons that have passed
and prepare for spring when various ideas will
come along again. We hope you will all try this way
of spending winter by giving both your body and
mind a rest beat.

Food for Life

Get you thoughts down
on bamboo paper.

Bamboo accompanies us in our everyday lives in
bamboo shoots as well as in daily commodities and
construction materials. This bamboo has spread
untended and is a threat to the natural
environment. This 100% bamboo paper is made in
Japan using sustainably-produced bamboo. When
someone comes to mind, why not write a letter or
a note on bamboo paper?

Stuff with Soul

Stories that
we make

"I believe that our relationships with things are just
as important as our relationships with people."
This is a quote from the author of "Relationships
with Things", Chie Nakagawa. The objects that
accompany us in our lives are crammed with our
preferences and memories. Take another look at
the things that surround you and you may feel a
unique sense of attachment.

Adventures on the Page

Experiences at OVE open up your thoughts.

Medicinal autumn cuisine

Soy milk udon noodles with
black sesame sauce: 1,500 yenWith brown rice, 1 small bowl accompaniment,
dessert and drink.

Let's nourish our bodies by eating lots of things that give us life force during winter after having worked so hard over the past year. This winter at OVE, we are offering udon noodles topped with plenty of seaweed and seasonal vegetables in combination with soy milk and our special black sesame sauce because black foods are good for the kidneys. Enjoy a kinako soy bean powder and black sugar syrup parfait after your meal.

Gatherings that create opportunity

We hold all kinds of events including art exhibitions, live music, talk shows and workshops. We provide a platform to create little opportunities this autumn, such as taking a good look at yourself, trying something new and getting in touch with the charm of the local area. Enjoy the extraordinary in your everyday life.