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Special Edition 2019 Summer

Flowers in your life
to your heart's

Summer is a season of blinding green. The greenery and brightly-colored flowers that grow in our lives energize us. Garden designer Yuri Ugaya changed careers after graduating university to follow this path. Valuing her own sense of what is good, she understands how to incorporate flowers and plants into our lives.

Chance Encounters

A little joy from
a single orange.

Imagine you have an orange in front of you. Do you cut it into segments? Cut it in half? Peel it? Juice it? There are so many choices. Taste and appearance change just by cutting it differently. And these everyday changes bring us a little bit of out-of-the-ordinary fun.

Food for Life

Variation depending
on ingredient

OVE's café serves three types of juice: tomato, mandarin and apple. The hopes of the producers and the goodness of the ingredients are concentrated in every glass. Each juices varies depending on harvesting times and annual crops. You can enjoy the taste of the ingrediendts as they come. Each gulp makes you think of the landscape where the ingredients were grown.

Stuff with Soul

One step into Sakai,
the city the world
is focusing on.

Sakai City in Osaka Prefecture - gaining attention for its initiative to register the Mozu Tombs as a World Heritage Site. The guidebook "Walking in Sakai" tells us of the charm of this area including its history, culture, and famous shops. Thinking about taking a trip to Sakai this summer? We recommend a cycle around on a rental bike.

Adventures on the Page

Experiences at OVE open up your thoughts.

Medicinal summer cuisine

Hijiki seaweed soba noodles
: 1,500 yenWith brown rice, 1 small side,
a medicinal dessert and a drink.

Your heart works harder in the summer. OVE's special hijiki soba noodle sauce is full of goodness with black bean broth, hijiki and oyster and shimeji mushrooms. Served topped with plenty of cooked summer vegetables, sticky vegetables and seaweed. Keep your heart in good condition and enjoy the summer at the peak of your fitness. Feel free to spend a relaxing moment at OVE.
【Limited availability: 23rd July (Tues) - end September】

Gatherings that create opportunity

「We will hold all kinds of events including art exhibitions, live music, talk shows and workshops. In this Summer, we provide a opportunities such as facing yourself, trying something new and getting in touch with the charm of the local area. Enjoy the extraordinary in your everyday life.