SANSO style. In each individual's lifestyle.

If there is something that moves you, that is your SANSO.

Taking a shortcut to get to your destination is travelling from A to B but SANSO is
all about the merits of taking it slowly on purpose.
It is about taking the long way round and enjoying the time you spend cycling.
Moments in which you notice a new shop or you feel good going down a certain road
in that season make your everyday life just that little bit better.
The navigator for SANSO is your curiosity. Enjoy SANSO while freely choosing your route and what you wear.


Going slowly -
SANSO style.

SANSO is not a competition to see who is the fastest; it is not simply for reaching your destination. We would like to concentrate the time spent with bikes and value the passing processes themselves. The things that catch your eye and the sounds that you hear are also part of the enjoyment of SANSO. That is why we pedal slowly at the pace as if we were on a stroll.


Freely choose
the time and place.

For example, taking a tour around an area of town you don't know on the way home from work or going to trying out a new stylish shop for a change. SANSO exists in this way in everyday life. Setting off on an adventure to somewhere you have never been before on a weekend also counts as SANSO, of course. As long as you have a sense of excitement, the time it takes and the place don't matter. That is SANSO style.


Find what resembles you
depending on the season
and the situation.

As you are going to be riding a bike, you should generally wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move your legs easily but there are no rules about what you should and shouldn't wear for SANSO. Your own style that corresponds to the season or the situation is fine. Take care to create a comfortable environment for yourself in both the heat of summer and the cold of winter.

Adjust to the heat
or the cold
with layering.

In particular, it's cold when you cycle in the winter but you tend to get hot when pedaling. We recommend layering up with thin layers so that you can adjust for a comfortable SANSO. Things like neck and arm warmers are handy because you can take them off easily and they are not bulky.


The novelty of
selecting by function.

You want to keep what you carry to a minimum. You want to be able to lay your hands on only the items you require. Having said this, lots of different thoughts start to germinate when you start SANSO. Another new way to have fun is to select your bag and accessories according to these thoughts. The joy of coming across the functions and design you were looking for is exceptional.

Make sure to wear
a helmet and gloves
for safe cycling.

A rucksack that leave both hands free is useful for SANSO. Choose the best size according to the situation. At OVE we recommend following the rules of the road and wearing a helmet and gloves for safety. These are also available for rental at OVE SANSO.