Our wish

For example, encountering the scenery of the town
that you overlook every day or taking a little break
to just stand and look around you.
Cycling at a pace just a little faster than walking,
we can value little discoveries and curiosity in our everyday lives.
This is the wish that started OVE.

We began our Life Creation Space OVE activities in 2006.
OVE stands for Opportunity, Value and Ease.

We have always shared our values and connected
with many people through various experiences
that touch on concepts and objects such as new ways to enjoy cycling
as well as our café, furniture, decorations and art events.
This wish remains unchanged.

OVE will continue to create all kinds of value
with you in the same way it always has.

OVE cafe

Everyday at OVE we carefully cook the fresh ingredients
delivered by our farm suppliers and serve you the flavors of nature
that will make you smile just by eating them.
Savor your meal slowly in a relaxing space
that makes you feel as if you are at home.
We hope you enjoy a calming moment here.

Click here to see the seasonal medicinal cuisine on offer.

Cycle Life Concierge

"I want to incorporate cycling into my life."
"I want to find new ways to enjoy cycling."
Our Cycle Life Concierge will help you.
Feel free to have a chat.

Reset and Refresh

A space enveloped in quiet where you reset
and take a little time to refresh with a warm shower after your SANSO... .
At OVE, we believe that it is important to take a moment
to reset both the mind and body.