Use of Personal Information

Regarding your personal information...

OVE is keenly aware of the importance of your personal information, and we are committed to protecting it in accordance with the following policies.

  • 1.Compliance with Laws and Regulations Related
     to the Protection of Personal Information
    OVE complies with the Personal Information Protection Law and with other laws, regulations, and guidelines related to protecting personal information.
  • 2.Development and Continuous Improvement of
    Personal Information Management System
    OVE has developed and will continuously improve a Personal Information Management System to properly protect personal information.
  • 3.Collection and Use of Personal Information, and Providing Same to
    Third Parties
    When collecting personal information, OVE will collect it in a lawful and just manner and will explicitly disclose the usage purpose of personal information in advance. OVE will use such information only within the scope of the usage purpose. If the personal information is to be used outside this scope, we will use the information only with the consent of the person or persons concerned. In addition, OVE will not provide personal information to third parties except as prescribed by relevant laws and regulations or unless we have obtained the consent of the person or persons concerned.