Bamboo paper series

  • Taking the aroma with you
  • Tour de France Trip postcards and table mats
  • OVE collaboration bottle / Vapur
  •  BLB’s bicycle motif accessories
  • Yutaka Hanaoka’s coffee cups and rice bowls
  • Stitched weave
  • Selected Items
  • Tea & coffee
  • OVE Original Items
  • Chusen-dyed hand towels from Nijiyura
  • Model bicycles made of kraft pape
  • Cosset-Bags
  • OVE Original Items
  • OVE’s Favourite Aromas
  • Bike Stand
  • Tsuki no Karen Calendar, Wareki−Nichi Nichi Kore Kojitsu Japanese Calendar Day Planner
  • Bicycle Motif Accessories
  • Nagatanien Earthenware Pots  from Iga Village