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KDX Residence Minami Aoyama, 1F
3-4-8 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062


From the Gaienmae Subway Station (Exit 1a) walk on Aoyama Dori towards Shibuya. Turn left at the Aoyama 3-chome intersection and keep walking straight. At the first intersection with a traffic signal, turn right (Ski Shop Jiro is on the corner). OVE Minami Aoyama is located halfway up the hill opposite Aoyama Geihinkan (approximately 600 meters, about an 8-minute walk).

Seasonal Special Menu

Lotus root and mushroom fried rice noodles
With pre-meal vinegar, miso soup, 1 side dish,
almond jelly and drink.

The air tends to be drier in the autumn and winter so the lungs have to work harder.
The lungs regulate the movement of the body's ""energy"" and control breathing and water metabolism.
Lotus root is a superfood that not only provides moisture for the lungs but also relieves discomfort in the stomach
and allows heat to escape from the body.
Combined with spices such as star anise and coriander, lotus root and mushrooms are fried with rice noodles. Let's properly supplement our bodies in preparation for the coming winter.
【Limited availability: 1 October (Tues) - 30 November (Sat)】

Popular classic dishes

Slowly simmered
vegetable curry

Spicy in summer, contains lots of ginger in winter. Changing the spice ratio and types of vegetables depending on the season, our curry is always slowly simmered over 3 days. No water is added and we use organic spices to draw out the umami of the vegetables.

Classic miso soup
and rice cooked
in an earthenware pot

Based on daily weather conditions, yin and yang and the five elements of Chinese cosmology, we cook rice every day enjoying the selection of colors of the seasonal vegetables. Using stock that we take time to make from these vegetables and mushrooms, we serve miso soup that has been simmered over a low flame.

with seasonal jam

Incorporating yoghurt into the batter produces fluffy pancakes. Enjoy these accompanied by our home-made jam that showcases the sweetness of its ingredients such as tangerines or strawberries.

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