Riding Style

It’s all about enjoyment.
Wear What You Like

There’s no such thing as official riding wear. One of the beauties of cycling is that you can dress as you please. As long as you wear something that lets you move freely, you can enjoy riding about in your own style.

Comfortable bikes

It is important to choose a comfortable bike as a partner for SANSO. The bikes that are used on OVE SANSO run smoothly and are equipped with many functions to give a pleasant ride.

Helmet, Gloves

We are not riding to compete for times or rankings but it is important to follow the rules of the road and ride safely. If you are participating in an OVE SANSO event, we ask that you wear a helmet and gloves. If you don’t have your own, you can rent them from us.

Cycling – your style
The origin of SANSO.

Most people perspire when they ride a bicycle so we recommend a quick-drying inner garment that absorbs humidity. It is not a bad idea to carry a waterproof with you in case you are caught in unexpected rain or high winds.

Even though it is relaxing, cycling is exercise so it is best to wear clothes that allow ease of movement. We also recommend layering to allow you to adjust to changes in temperature. Don’t forget long sleeves and long trousers to avoid tanning or sunburn!