Tomomi Usuki

Shell ginger has been rooted in Okinawan life and has healed people since time immemorial. Tomomi Usuki continues to pursue feminine beauty as the developer and face of MOON PEACH, a skincare brand she developed using shell ginger which belongs to the ginger family.

Ms. Usuki’s first encounter with shell ginger dates back to around 1999.
“The occasion arose when my father went on a business trip to Okinawa and he brought back some shell ginger essential oil. What happened next was typical of my father. He mixed it with commercial creams and handed it out to the neighbors. They seemed to really like it for some reason.”

Ms. Usuki, who had this unexpected opportunity to encounter shell ginger, was, surprisingly, fairly uninterested in so-called beauty at the time.
“The reputation of this cream spread through word of mouth and I heard that it had helped some people’s skin problems. And then gradually, people started to say that they wished someone would commercialize it.”

Ms. Usuki says she was an office worker, not a beauty enthusiast and, of course, an amateur when it came to business subjects such as product development and marketing. There were two events that changed her mind.

The first of these was the support she received from her close friends. At the time, Ms. Usuki did not have much knowledge of skincare, never mind shell ginger. She did, however, listen to her friends’ problems and this made her begin to think seriously about what she could do to help.

The second event was the effects of health problems on communication and on the mind. A mother once said to her that it made her happy if her skin was smooth when she hugged her children and this encounter created the Ms. Usuki of today who realized that we must also value things that we can’t see such as joy and happiness.

Ms. Usuki spent 3 years immersed in research and development supported by the comments of many people. During development she asked various experts for their opinions but she came up against a wall. This was: “What is beauty?” and “What is skincare?”

We are surrounded by an abundance of cosmetic products. Many products appeal to us with claims about skincare and anti-ageing. Even though we all use many products, you have probably wondered why women’s worries about skin problems are never resolved.

“Learning about shell ginger is to think about skincare. When you start to think about skincare, you have to learn about the skin. After the skin, you have to learn about the human body and then after humans, you have to learn about life on this planet….”

Ms. Usuki maybe always had the qualities of a developer and a researcher with her character that made her ask questions and investigate things thoroughly.
“I am sure you have all experienced this but when I was a teenager, I really hated my Dad! But I did not know why I hated him and even although I had those feelings, I did not just ignore them. I questioned both myself and my father.”

“As I researched many different things, I came to have a vague view of the potential of shell ginger and what I actually wanted to say. I wanted to share with as many people as possible things such as regaining an energetic spirit and warmer interpersonal communication rather than just the superficial effects of the product.”

I feel that the importance of being honest with yourself, conversing with yourself that we are prone to forget on a daily basis is incorporated into MOON PEACH products. When Ms. Usuki talks, you can feel her attitude of carefully talking about a number of subjects: people, of course, but also the body, nature, the past, the future…. And, more than anything else, she never forgets to be honest with or give consideration to the person she is talking to.

Through these kinds of conversations, Ms. Usuki wants you to spend more time being honest with your body and mind in order to get you back to being you. She also wants each of you to be aware of the fact that in order for people to live, we must live in harmony with nature.

“It is not that I want to simply go back in time to when things were better because there was more greenery around or because we had less stress. I just want to think about what we, who are living right now, can do and then I want to act on that. I also feel that I want to use the resources of nature intelligently and, in contrast, cherish the relationships that people benefit from.”

In Okinawa, two words, nuchigusui and chimugusui, are frequently used. These mean “medicine for life” and “medicine for the soul” and refer to what you eat, what you wear, what you hear, what you smell - all of these are the food of life and enrich the mind. This is exactly what Ms. Usuki is all about; through the resource of shell ginger, she cares for the skin, the body and the soul.

A recent trend is to use a single substance to care for ourselves as shown by the use of supplements. It is the same in our everyday lives. We should be interacting on many different levels every day but we focus only on one cause and try to eliminate it.

However, Ms. Usuki transforms these everyday things into strengths and, by sharing this philosophy with many people, her individuality shines through vivaciously.

“I can feel that OVE carefully selects each event, each dish, each product to create its concept. This attitude and concept really shares many elements of my lifestyle.”

We have incorporated MOON PEACH products into exchanges and massages between people who participate in OVE SANSO events. We touch the hands of the people we give hand massages to. We are comforted by the aroma of shell ginger. Many concepts such as being enveloped in comfort or carefully imprinting the memories of the day in our minds are linked and strengths that are not limited just to effects and benefits reach the participants. This is where Ms. Usuki’s own concepts communicate to us the richness of life that we had forgotten.


Tomomi Usuki

President of Rethera / Representative of the Hand Therapeutic Association

Began research and development of skincare products using shell ginger in 1999.

Created the MOON PEACH skincare brand in 2002.

Developed independent beauty treatments incorporating counseling and the natural world.

Searching for the answer to “What is skincare?” brought her to where she is today.

Is also researching the potential of Hand Touch Care, a method of communication through touch.


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