OVE Minami Aoyama

Values and lifestyles change with the times—sometimes dramatically. 
Still, the act of eating meals with seasonal ingredients gives us a sense of the time of year. 
With appetites sated and spirits raised, we are reminded of what matters in life.
The OVE Minami Aoyama café aims to satisfy the soul as well as the belly.

What We Hold Dear

Main Menu

OVE Minami Aoyama Open 10:00-19:00

From the Gaienmae Subway Station (Exit 1a) walk on Aoyama Dori towards Shibuya. Turn left at the Aoyama 3-chome intersection and keep walking straight. At the first intersection with a traffic signal, turn right (Ski Shop Jiro is on the corner). OVE Minami Aoyama is located halfway up the hill opposite Aoyama Geihinkan (approximately 600 meters, about an 8-minute walk).


KDX Residence Minami Aoyama, 1F
3-4-8 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062

Concierge Service, OVE Minamiaoyama

At OVE Minamiaoyama, our concierge is ready to help you enjoy “life with a bicycle.” Ask him any question you may have, like the following:

How can I get started with life with a bicycle? What type of cycling wear do you suggest for this season? We are planning to make a family ride. Is there any good place to go? Or, whatever you want to know about bicycle ride.

*Concierge service is available within business hours of OVE Minamiaoyama.